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About Nis

Who am I you ask, well, I have been an Esthetician for 18 years, and have loved every single day of it. Lets call it passion, and dedication!


So, whether your needs are skincare, hair removal, brows, lashes or make up, I got you! 

If I’m not in my studio working on my beautiful guests, you’ll catch me teaching future estheticians, and if I’m not there I’ll be doing my mom duties.


For all you out there that need to take a minute from all the hustle and bustle of life, come in and meet me…. Why me? Because I GET IT! It’s not just a service I am providing, it’s a connection…. it’s an experience. I get it when you say, I don’t have the time, I get it when you say, I don’t do things for me, I get when you say, I have too much on my plate. I GET IT! How? Because I used to say the same exact words, but if we don’t take the time for us now, then when?  That’s why you are not just a customer, you’re someone with a story, you’re someone with a journey, most importantly, you’re someone that could use some TLC. You know you need a minute, I know you need a minute, so come in and let me take care of you. 


You know the saying, “Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life” Well I guess I’m not working, because I love everything about my job. So, I like to put it this way;

“Love what you do and consider yourself successful”


All Love,


Be your own kind of beautiful...

From the Press



“The best in Calgary! Nis was my instructor through an esthetics program I took, and she doesn’t just teach you, she mentors you as well. She guided me through every step, and also helped me find my independence , and confidence. She has small classes, making a lot of hands on practice a priority. Classes are organized, making sure a day is not wasted. Nis knows the industry like the back of her hand, and was open to all our questions, told us what to expect, and was giving advice daily. Nis saw through our insecurities, and allowed us to hold on to our true potential. Nis is an amazing instructor, and if you are looking to change your career, and learn a valuable skill, check out Nisthetics!"



"I can't tell you how amazing Nis is! Her 24 gold carat facial made my face glow and shine; my skin felt 5 years younger. If you are engaged and looking for something to make your skin youthful, you need to visit Nis! It is the perfect spa treatment."



"Let me just say, and not to underestimate her talent and abilities, but as soon as you meet Nis you don't even care what she's going to do to you because you immediately fall in love with her bubbly loving soul! I have never felt more at ease and the only thing more obsessed with her than me is my GLOWING SKIN! Nis is such a professional, knowledgeable and passionate beauty expert!"

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