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Welcome to Nisthetics Education

I knew I wanted to educate the minute I received my esthetic certificates in June of 2000. My instructors, and educators took the time, and displayed such patience, making me think “this is exactly where I want to take my career”

So here we are, 18 years of working for various salons, schools, and training multiple students, It was time I took my passion to the next level. Working one on one with my students, builds up their technique and confidence, and that’s what I thrive on. This is why, my classes are small, and tailored to your schedule.

Will you be issued a certificate? Absolutely! You will be certified through Nisthetics, and you will have received all the information, and training needed for you to start your career in the Esthetic Industry. But wait there’s more……. are you already in the beauty industry, and looking to maybe refresh your knowledge? I offer refresher courses as well.

Go ahead, take a gander through my training menu, and let me know what you want to do, because as Emilia Earhart put it, “the most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

Can’t wait to hear from you;

All love; Nis

Facials - $995

Microbiology/Sterilization/Cells and Systems - 1 full day

Skin Theory/Skin Analysis – 2 days (include demo of cleanse, exfoliation and steam)

Demonstration full facial/ Hands on begins – 4 days

Advanced Facials - $500

Facial Machines/ Enzymes – 1 day

Microderm/Galvanic Current/High frequency – include demonstration - 1 day

Continue with advanced facials, Hands on begins – 4 days

Manicure – $600

Microbiology/Sterilization/Cells and Systems – 1 day

Hand Anatomy/Manicure Demo – 1 day

Begin Hands on – 2 days

Pedicure - $600

Microbiology/Sterilization/Cells and Systems – 1 day

Foot anatomy/contraindications/Pedi demo – 1 day

Begin hands on – 2 days

Mani/Pedi - $999

Microbiology/Sterilization/Cells and Systems – 1 day

Hand & Foot Anatomy/ Contraindications – 1 day

Mani Demo/ Hands on – 2 days

Pedi demo/ Hands on – 2 days

Gel Nails - $1000

Theory – 2 days

Hands on – 5 days

Waxing - $600

Microbiology/Sterilization/Cells and systems – 1 day

Hair Anatomy/ Wax Demo – 1 day

Hands on leg/arm/underarm – half day

Facial/Bikini Wax demo – half day

Hands on all waxing – 2 days

Brazillian - $250

Demo am – practice pm – 1 day

Lash Extension - $999

Theory – 1 day

Demo on falsies – practice on falsies – 1 day

Hands on – 2 days

Tinting/lash lifting - $450

Theory/ demo– 1 day

Hands on – 1 day

Microblading - $2000

Esthetic Refresher Courses - $500

Theory – 1 day

Hands on – 1 day

*All prices do not include GST

Be your own kind of beautiful...

From the Press


"The best in Calgary! Nis was my instructor through an esthetics program I took, and she doesn’t just teach you, she mentors you as well. She guided me through every step, and also helped me find my independence , and confidence. She has small classes, making a lot of hands on practice a priority. Classes are organized, making sure a day is not wasted. Nis knows the industry like the back of her hand, and was open to all our questions, told us what to expect, and was giving advice daily. Nis saw through our insecurities, and allowed us to hold on to our true potential. Nis is an amazing instructor, and if you are looking to change your career, and learn a valuable skill, check out Nisthetics!"


"Nis is a one of a kind teacher. She is the type that once you have been taught by her, you couldn’t forget her. She brings a positive attitude everywhere she goes and her smile is completely infectious! She pushes her students to succeed and become the best that they can be. Nis is one of the most creative and innovative forces in the beauty industry that I have met. Her techniques and strategies have made me a better student and I’m so grateful I was taught by her"

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